Bicycle Pump Reviews
A True Biker Is Always Prepared

Let’s talk bike pumps! This may not seem like the most exciting topic, but if you have ever been stranded with a flat tire and found yourself praying to the bike-tire gods to magically send you a bicycle pump, then you will have some idea as to just how valuable these little tools can be when you are out biking. I will admit that I too learned the hard way; I didn’t decide to actually get a pump until I had to endure one of those unfortunate incidents that ended with me having to walk my bike all the way home with a flat tire. Ever since then, I make sure that I always have one with me when I go out, and I also have one that I keep in the garage at home.

Hopefully you are not like me and are being proactive in your decision to get a bicycle pump. But whatever the reason, welcome to my site – I hope you will find the information here useful. I did a lot of research on the different bicycle pumps when I was looking for one for myself, and I thought all the information that I gathered can possibly help someone else, so I went ahead and created this website. As there are so many bike pumps on the market, I narrowed them down to my top picks in different categories and reviewed each one here for you to see.

My Top Picks

Best Overall Floor Pump

Topeak Joe Blow Sport II

Topeak Joe Blow Sport II

I choose the Topeak Joe Blow Sport II as the best overall because it is a high-quality pump that both professional and amateur riders can use. It’s made with very good materials and it has a reasonable price tag, considering how well made it is. This is just an all-round good pump that will get air into your tires when you need it to; with minimum maintenance you should be able to keep it around for many years.

The Most Popular Valves

The Topeak is compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves and, as these two are the most common valves on bicycle tires, you will be able to use it with most bikes. The head on this device is double-sided and each side has a different end to work with the appropriate valve. You will also be able to reach your tires more efficiently as this pump has a hose that is extra long and the ability to pivot up to 360 degrees.

Well-Built Pump

The Topeak Joe Blow Sport II is made with high-quality components and materials. The barrel and the base are made of a durable steel, and the base is also extra wide to help it be more stable when it’s in use. The manufacturer also made the handles over-sized so that they are more comfortable to hold.

Best Mini Bike Pump

Vibrelli Mini Pump with Puncture Repair Kit! Fits Presta & Schrader

Vibrelli Mini Pump with Puncture Repair Kit! Fits Presta & Schrader

I think this is a great little mini pump that could easily rival some of the full-sized pumps out there. Even though it is small it has all the essential features every bike pump should have, and then some.

A Very Clever Valve

One of the things I love most about the Vibrelli is its valve. Most mini bike pumps leak when you try to connect them to Presta, but the valve on this one has been specially designed to be a “Super Fit Clever Valve” that will fit Presta as well as Schrader valves without any leaking. The best part is that you won’t have to change the valve or use any adapters – the valve on this mini pump will automatically lock on securely to either type of valve, so you won’t have any leaks even if the pressure is as high as 120 PSI.

Gotta Love Bonuses!

You will also get two awesome bonuses when you purchase this pump. The first bonus is a very handy little glueless repair kit for punctures. It is pocket-sized and has everything you need to quickly patch up any unexpected punctures and get back on your bike. The next bonus is a sports needle that you can use for items like basketballs or footballs.

Most Affordable Multifunction Pump

Schwinn 5-in-1 Floor Pump

Schwinn 5-in-1 Floor Pump

If you are looking to get the most value for your money when you purchase a bike pump, then I definitely recommend that you take a closer look at the Schwinn 5-in-1 Floor Pump. Not only does it have a super-affordable price, it also gives you five different functions in one device. That’s an amazing deal from the trusted Schwinn brand.


Whatever type of valve you have on your tires, you will be able to use this pump to get air into them. This also means that you will be able to help other people who need to have their tires pumped as well – no matter what type of valve they have. So be prepared to rescue a lot of bikers in distress when word gets out that you have one of these multi-functional bike pumps. The locking head on the Schwinn lets you choose Presta, Schrader, or Dunlop valves, and you can use it to inflate sports balls and cones as well.

The pump itself stands firmly on its wide base, so there should be minimal movement when you are pumping your tires. As well, you will be able to see the pressure readings on the large pressure gauge that is on the Schwinn.

Best Compressor Bicycle Pump

SKS Rennkompressor Floor Pump

SKS Rennkompressor Floor Pump

The SKS Rennkompressor is a classic compressor pump. This German-made SKS is considered to be the grandfather of all floor pumps and you will be hard-pressed to find another one more deserving this title.

Constructed to be Tough

I think one of the strong points of the SKS Rennkompressor is its durability. It is made of a tough cast iron and corrosion-resistant steel – one tough cookie that will be able to survive whatever you throw at it for many years, a trait not commonly found in most modern bike pumps. If you need a bike pump that can put up with the rigors of being in the real world, this is the one. Even though it is unlikely to ever break, in the event that it does, you won’t have to worry as it is backed by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

All The Pressure

If you are looking for pressure, look no further! This bad boy can pump up to 230 PSI, and that is more than enough to keep your tires pumped up and ready to go. There is a pressure gauge conveniently located on the base of the pump so you can easily read the pressure stats.

Best Portable Travel Bike Pump

PRO BIKE TOOL Floor Pump with Gauge – Presta & Schrader Compatible

Travel Floor Pump with Gauge by PRO BIKE TOOL - Presta & Schrader Compatible

Tires are notorious for losing air or getting punctured when you are biking on a trail that is 200 miles from any sign of civilization or – well, you know – when there is no one around. For this reason all bikers should seriously consider getting a portable pump so that they can be prepared for these types of situations.

On The Go

This lightweight bike pump weighs less than 2 pounds; that is one of the reasons it is so portable, but it is not the only reason. It also has stainless steel feet that can be folded up when you are done using it, adding to the portability of the unit. The folding feet also mean that you will be able to easily fold it away for storage. You will get a very nice “luxury” carrying case for the pump when you purchase one, and it even has a shoulder strap to make it super-easy to carry. The handle is removable so that it can fit into its carrying bag.

Only The Best

This pump is designed and made for bikers who know that they deserve only the very best for their bikes. Whether you have a mountain, dirt, road, or motor bike, this travel floor pump can handle the job. The stunning and stylish look is a clear indicator of its quality and all the thought that went into making it.

Most Solid Steel Bicycle Pump

Lezyne Steel Floor Drive Pump

Lezyne Steel Floor Drive Pump

OK, so this pump isn’t made of all steel, but it does have a solid machined steel barrel which is the thing that will pop out at you the most when you first see it. The piston is also made of steel and this is just an excellent, high-pressure pump that you can use on both Presta and Schrader valves. With a combination of solid steel parts and other high-quality materials like its varnished wood handle, the Lezyne will certainly feel good in your hands.

No Plastic Please

Many of the bike pumps you will find on the market have more than their fair share of plastic parts, even some of the pricier, more “high-end” models. While they are often very capable of pumping air, there’s just something about plastic that feels cheap; so if you are looking for a pump that lets you feel its quality when you hold it, the Lezyne is one of them.

Color Choice

Although the barrel of the Lezyne is made of high-quality steel, you won’t be able to tell just by looking. This is because the barrel comes painted in one of three very distinct colors: yellow, black or red. If you fancy a pump that will stand out from the crowd, the red and yellow are great options. In any case it’s good to have a choice, as many alternatives have only one color option.

Best Mini Bicycle Pump with Gauge

Pro Bike Tool Mini – Presta & Schrader Compatible

Pro Bike Tool Mini - Presta & Schrader Compatible

The manufacturers of this pump are known for producing high-quality, attractive, and high-performance bike tools, and this one only serves to further cement that reputation. Mini bicycle pumps are great because you can take them with you on your biking trips to be prepared for any punctures or loss of pressure that may occur.

Bike Pump Technology

Despite its small size this is one of the top performers on the market. Its design incorporates new technology that makes it more efficient and easier to use, like the deliberately oversized piston that requires 30% fewer strokes to get to your desired tire pressure. The pressure gauge on this pump has also been integrated into the hose to make it easier for you to achieve your precise pressure.

Take It Anywhere

You will never find yourself without a pump if you own one of these pumps. Not only are they very portable because of their 4.5 ounces of weight, but they come with a frame mount kit that you can use to mount them securely on your bike. This is one of the best ways to ensure that you will always have it when you need it, but you can also carry it in your pocket or in your backpack when riding.

Best Presta & Schrader Tire Pump

AerGun X-1000


Schrader (American) and Presta (French) valves are two of the most common valve types you will find on bicycle tires. While some pumps are compatible with both types, in some cases they are not very effective and you will still get some air leaking through. With the AerGun X-1000, however, you can be sure that it will work with both Schrader and Presta valves without leaking – even when you are disconnecting it from the valve.

AerTight Pump

The “no-leak” promise that the manufacturers make about the AerGun X-1000 is possible because of their confidence in the AerTight head on this pump. This specially-designed pump head is airtight so that no air can escape no matter what type of valve used. They also made a very clever play on the words with AerTight and airtight, thumbs up for that one, AerGun.


Yes, you actually get a nice free gift when you purchase this pump – an ebook that is valued at $9.99 and is called The ABC’s of Bike Tires… How To Choose The Best Tires For Your Bike. If you are new to biking or just need some advice on how to choose tires, this book can be a real help. I have to give Aergun (the manufacturer) credit because I haven’t seen many other sellers giving freebies to their customers. I also love that they have a solid “no questions asked” 2-year warranty.

Best Value Pump Kit

Vibrelli Floor Pump with Glueless Puncture Kit

Vibrelli Floor Pump with Glueless Puncture Kit

If you are looking for a bicycle kit that has everything you need to handle a tire situation in an emergency and has a price that won’t break the bank, you should check out the Vibrelli. This pump has it all – it is compatible with both Presta and Schrader, it comes with a glueless puncture kit, and it can handle pressures up to 160 PSI.

Effortless Valve Switching

Thanks to the unique Rapid T Valve switch, you won’t have any hassle switching between Presta and Schrader valves. This innovative T-valve quickly and effortlessly makes the change when you switch it from one function to the next. There is no need to use any adapters or to change any parts. All you do is just switch the lever to the setting for the valve that you want, and it will change it automatically, while preventing any leakage at the same time.

Accurate Pressure Gauge

If you are like me and you rely heavily on the use of a pressure gauge to see how much pressure you are using, then you will love that this pump has a very good pressure gauge that has been thoroughly tested for accuracy. Working with a faulty pressure gauge can be frustrating, to say the least, and so it helps to know that the gauge has been tested and is also easy to read.

Final Words

Those were my top picks for the best bike pumps on the market. If you are still unable to decide, you can check out some of my other articles, like my buying guide, which gives you tips on what to look for when shopping for a pump.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember – A True Biker Is Always Prepared!